Comprehensive, secure & affordable

practice management software for Doctors

With Clinicia, you can…….

  • Manage your patients medical & treatment records
  • Digitize your Clinic into complete paperless
  • Access Patients medical records from anytime anywhere
  • Optimize your finances with

Feature packed solution

To make your practice truly paperless

Patient Treatment Records

Store treatment details, patient complaints, observations and diagnosis, investigations and lab reports.

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Appointments & Schedule

Automatic email and SMS confirmations are sent as well as remainder notifications.

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Prescriptions can be stored, and shared with patients through email or SMS

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Invoice & Billing

Easily generate bills using just click of the buttons

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Expense Management

Manage accounts through various reports that also include patient fees.

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Marketing & Campaigns

Communicate with multiple patients at one time through SMS and email campaigns.

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Highly secured

Data stored on hack proof HIPPA compliant Servers. With real time back ups at multiple location, your sensitive patient data is highly secured.

Impeccable Customer Support

Experienced & Reliable Customer support Team. Connect through Phone, Chat, WhatsApp or Email. Comprehensive Help & Tutorial guide to ensure you get most out of Clinicia.

Trusted by Thousands

Thousands of Healthcare practitioner across location trusts Clinicia for managing their practice efficiently. Through Clinicia, Doctors build & maintain strong relation with their patients.

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