Everything you need to manage your Practice efficiently!!

Comprehensive feature packed solution covers every need of your modern day practice.

Practicing Speciality specific Features

Features specially designed as per the unique practice followed by different specialists Doctors. This helps Doctors maintain health records of patients with precision.

Detailed Dental Charting
For Dentists

  • Plot Dental History, Record a treatment or Create Treatment Plan
  • Unique Visual representation for each kind of treatments
  • Complete snapshot of full mouth oral condition in single view

Eye Observation & Glass Prescription For Ophthalmologists

  • Detailed Eye Examination for precisely recording vision condition
  • Glass Prescription generation & sharing with Optician & Other stake holders
  • Tracking mechanism for measuring vision improvement

Multiple Physio Session Appointments For Physiotherapists

  • Multiple session Appointments booking from single window
  • Tracking activities at session level
  • Session wise detailed progress tracking for each of the patient